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SEO Companies & What to (Reasonably) Expect

SEO Companies come in a variety of types and sizes, but the goal of each search engine optimization firm is (or at least should be) to help their clients develop and maintain search engine friendly websites. The role of the SEO consultant or SEO company goes far beyond that; however, the at the most basic level this is what they do. So, what should you expect from an SEO company with which you plan to engage?

Depending on the size of the search engine optimization company, there may be anywhere from one to several dozen (and in some cases, hundreds) of employees each with their own specialty. The size of the company, however, is not necessarily indicative of its abilities or quality of its work; but, in general, larger companies can provide a wider breadth of services compared to smaller ones which have a narrow focus on search engine optimization, and perhaps one or two related services such as content development and link acquisition consulting services.

General & Technically Capable SEOs

Many SEOs, especially independent consultants are limited in their technical capabilities, and act as the quintessential consultant who provides guidance, but does not necessarily provide hands-on services. Others, are technically capable, and are able to provide a much wider array of services including direct implementation of their SEO recommendations, and even help with the (re)development of websites and web services. Your needs will dictate the type of SEO consultant or company that is right for you, and in most cases for smaller companies it is important to engage with SEOs who are technically capable, as it will be much more cost-effective to pay the SEO to not only consult, but to also implement the SEO strategy rather than receiving a SEO audit which then will have to be executed upon by a we developer who may or may not be familiar with SEO and its requirements.

Promises by SEO Companies

SEO is not a complete science, in fact, it is less science than art, and that very fact makes it easy to muddle the truth about what SEO can accomplish during the sales process. This makes it highly important to know what SEO is capable of before speaking to a sales person, as things can quickly become confused if the buyer goes in without the requisite background information to properly evaluate the claims of an SEO sales person.

SEO Is Not for Everyone

Search engine optimization services are not suitable for everyone, even though every company/website can benefit from SEO. It is important to figure out whether SEO is the right investment for you and your company before committing significant money to pursuing higher rankings in search engines.

The most important thing about SEO services is that SEO is not a magic money-making machine where website operators can put in $100 in one end and get out $200 in the other. The payoff will materialize if the work is done to standards, and the requisite time is given to the project; however, the payoff of any SEO work is mostly in the long term, and not a solution to short-term traffic issues.

SEO can be an amazing way of generating high-converting traffic, but tread carefully, as it can also be a ever-expanding sinkhole if done with half-measures, and by people who do not know what they are doing.

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